4 Features That Medical Castors Should Have


Are you looking for a way to procure castors that will last in your new medical facility? Read on and discover some crucial features that you should think about when you are asking a supplier to deliver specially made castors for your medical facility.

High-Temperature Tolerance

You should request for castors designed to withstand high temperatures. This is because medical facilities often sterilise medical equipment and other materials using steam. Additionally, a highly contagious infection, such as Ebola, may break out. Such outbreaks may necessitate the use of extremely high temperatures to sterilise all materials that go in and out of treatment rooms. You should therefore specify castors whose heat-resistance is much higher than your normal requirements so that you are ready for any condition to which those castors will be exposed.


Your facility may also need castors that have been equipped with brakes so that wheeled devices, such as IV equipment, can be locked into place when the need arises. Select a braking mechanism that is very easy to engage or disengage so that personnel can quickly use the castors as they go about their work of taking care of patients. Ask the supplier to show you how the different brakes work so that you can choose the easiest to operate.


Medical equipment often needs to be moved quickly from one place to another. Such equipment therefore needs to be able to change direction in an instant so that it can be taken where it is needed. Select castors that have great swivel so that it will be easy for equipment to be moved in and out of treatment rooms.


Medical castors are usually made from a variety of materials, such as neoprene, stainless steel, chrome or nylon. Consider your needs before you select a specific material. For instance, stainless steel castors would be very good for moving heavy equipment. However, such a material may not be suitable for floors that can easily be marked. Read the product information on each of the materials so that you select the one that will be a good match for the operating conditions at your medical facility.

Specialised castors can be designed to address the tiniest detail regarding the conditions at your facility. It is therefore necessary for you to have a comprehensive discussion with the manufacturer so that he or she makes castors that will be able to work in those conditions for a long time.


23 January 2017

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