A Few Simple Tips for Keeping Your Diesel Engine in Good Shape

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A diesel engine is typically considered stronger than a standard petrol engine, so it's often chosen when you'll be consistently towing something and for heavier vehicles themselves. A diesel engine also doesn't use spark plugs to start, so it doesn't need the standard tune-up that other engines need. However, this doesn't mean your vehicle's diesel engine is indestructible. Note a few tips for keeping that engine in good shape so it lasts for years to come.

Replace gaskets in sets 

Because diesel engines usually work harder than standard petrol engines, the gaskets of the engine may get leaky sooner than you would see in other types of engines. If you notice that one is getting leaky or brittle or is sliding out of place, it's good to change all of the gaskets at the same time. These are what keep the fuel in the engine and help keep it separate from oil, and when one starts to break down, there's a good chance they're all breaking down. If you replace them in a set, you'll always have quality gaskets that protect your engine from damage.

Check the glow plugs

A diesel engine starts with heat, not a spark. Usually the outside temperature is warm enough for the engine to start, but for cold weather, your engine will rely on glow plugs. These are small plugs that create a tiny bit of heat around your engine, so it can start in winter months and cold climates. If the glow plugs wear out, your engine may not have enough heat to start and you may be putting extra wear and tear on it by trying to start it cold. Have the glow plugs checked every year before wintertime or if you're taking your vehicle to a cold climate, and replace them as necessary.

Have a water separator installed

 A water separator is located near the fuel filter and it strains out excess water in the fuel. Not all diesel engines have one installed, but this can mean having only high-quality fuel delivered to your engine and not something that is watered down. In turn, your engine won't struggle so hard to run, as it would with watered-down fuel. Once the water separator is installed or you find that your engine has one, be sure it's emptied every time you take your engine in for an oil change so it's always operating optimally.


26 July 2016

The Importance of Auto Care

Hello, my name is Elliot. I am 32 years old and I live in Perth, Australia. Welcome to my auto blog. When I purchased my car, I didn't really pay much attention to looking after it. The car was really nice, it drove well and looked good. For the first year or so, I had a great time driving around. However, I eventually began to have some problems. The engine sounded rough, the paint job looked really bad and my car just didn't seem very cool anymore. I took it to my local auto garage and they gave me some great advice about how I could care for my auto. Since then, my car and myself have both been much happier.