4 Good-To-Know Components Of A Brake Service

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Imagine driving on the highway at high speeds and realising that your brakes have given way. This dangerous situation could cause accidents and fatalities, so getting your brakes serviced is necessary to maintain your driving safety. While you should leave brake repair to a qualified car service mechanic, knowing everything involved in a brake service is always ideal. This guide will equip you with the good-to-know components of getting your brakes repaired at a car repair service.

Checking Brake Pads

During a brake service, the mechanic will thoroughly check your brake pads to ensure that they are not worn out. Brake pads are key components of a car's braking system. When you hit the brake, the brake pad applies pressure and friction to the rotors. This pressure stops the tyre from rotating. Over time, these brake pads tend to wear out, especially if you drive in high-traffic conditions where constant braking is common. If you hear squealing sounds when you hit the brakes, then it's probably because of a problem with your brake pads. They will need to be replaced at a car service company.

Inspecting Brake Rotors

Your brake pads clamp down on brake rotors or discs to stop the tyres from rotating. Over time, these rotors will start to thin out. Every car manufacturer has a thickness specification for their brake rotors. Your car service company will inspect these rotors to ensure they are within the specification for resurfacing. If they fall outside the recommended specification, then the car service will need to replace them completely.

Brake Caliper Checks

Brake calipers are usually always checked during a brake service. Containing the brake pads, a brake caliper is located above the rotor. Over time, these calipers may start leaking and will begin to fail. When the caliper fails, it is probably because corrosion and debris causes the piston to stick. This will eventually cause rust and leakage of the brake fluid. Your mechanic will inspect and fix this problem during a car service.

Checking Brake Fluid Levels

During any brake service, the brake fluid levels will be checked. If the level is below what is recommended, then the mechanic will refill the brake fluid. If the level drops often, the car is usually inspected for signs of leakage. Your car service mechanic will also check the colour of the brake fluid to ensure that it hasn't burnt out or become contaminated.

Keep in mind that brakes are important components of your car, so don't try any of these fixes without proper knowledge. If you have a problem with your brakes, make sure you get to a car service mechanic immediately.


19 February 2016

The Importance of Auto Care

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