Why A Luxury Model Is The Caravan Of Choice For Grey Nomads

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For many older Australians, retirement means the opportunity to hit the road and spend their time traveling the country in their caravan. If you're one of these aspiring grey nomads, then you will no doubt be looking at a caravan to house you as you head off on your adventures. There is an increasingly large array of makes and models of caravan available on the market these days, with everything from budget models through to luxury models. If you want to travel in comfort and style, then there are several reasons why a luxury caravan is the best choice.

Increased input on configuration

Buying a budget or mid-range caravan means that you will be stuck with the set configuration of the model that you've chosen. While even the most basic, budget models will be fairly well designed, you may find yourself compromising on certain aspects of the configuration that don't meet your needs exactly.

Buying a luxury caravan gives you considerable input into the configuration. The manufacturer will modify the design to suit your requirements and ideas. You can even go one step further and have your luxury caravan custom made. This means that every aspect of the configuration is specifically designed for you and your needs.

Better quality fixtures and fittings

With fittings and fixtures, you really do get what you pay for. Budget models will have basic and inexpensive fittings and fixtures, which may be just fine for many people. However, if you want a truly comfortable and stylish interior, then a luxury model will include high quality and high specification fixtures and fittings as standard.

Sometimes it's the small things that make a difference, such a chrome mixer taps, modern lighting systems, and sleek appliances. Other times, it's the bigger things, such as having a bath on board or a queen-sized bed instead of a smaller double bed.

More high-tech features

Being retired doesn't mean that you have to abandon your love of new technology. Unlike budget and mid-range models, luxury caravans come with all the latest technological gadgets included as standard.

Some of these gadgets make driving safer and easier, such as reversing cameras and built-in satellite navigation. Some gadgets allow you to make the most of audiovisual technology, such as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, surround sound systems, and top of the range flat screen TVs.

If, like many other grey nomads, you are planning to spend many months of the year in your caravan, then you will want to make your home-from-home as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Investing in a luxury caravan is the guaranteed way to achieve this. Look for a dealership near you that specializes in caravan sales.


28 October 2015

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