Important Safety Considerations for Vehicle Tyres

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The tyres are essential modules in the vehicle because they provide the direct link between the heavy automotive structure and the road. In addition, the tyres are responsible for responding precisely to driving inputs like braking, acceleration and steering. Therefore, it is important to choose the right products for your car and to maintain their ideal performance. Auto tyres which are poorly kept will result in safety risks due to poor handling, delayed braking and skidding. Here are some simple considerations to help you ensure that your vehicle tyres are safe for the road.

Tyre Tread

The tyre treads are designed to provide good grip on the road and to offer the moving vehicle maximum traction. It is crucial for you to assess the depth of the treads periodically to avoid compromising your safety. Moreover, the grooves in the tyres are responsible for allowing water to flow beneath the vehicle efficiently.

If they are worn, the tyre surface will become extremely slippery against the road especially in wet weather. The minimum tread depth should be 1.5mm. It is also advisable to purchase auto tyres with a wear indicator for easy examination of the condition.

Tyre Pressure

Poor maintenance of tyre pressure can lead to different detriments. Overinflated or underinflated tyres are unstable so they will affect the vehicles handling and consequently, your safety. The internal structure of the tyre could also sustain irreversible damage or general premature wear. The frequency of this inspection will depend on factors such as the state of local roads, frequency of driving and the quality of tyres. However, you should never exceed a month without a good check-up.

If you do not know the recommended pressure, check in your vehicle owner's manual. Additionally, test the pressure on your current tyres and the spare before long journeys. The precaution will protect you from getting stranded due unexpected decrease in pressure. This can occur due to minute perforations, sudden temperature changes and even general escape of air from the tyre.

Wheel Alignment

The wheel alignment will affect the handling of the vehicle and the stability of the tyres. This can lead to a serious road accident if not resolved in time. The alignment of the automotive wheels is not an aspect you can visually assess and diagnose so you will need a specialist technician. If your tyres are unevenly worn or you have recently hit a pothole or kerb hard, engage an auto mechanic like O'Neills Tyres for realignment.


3 August 2015

The Importance of Auto Care

Hello, my name is Elliot. I am 32 years old and I live in Perth, Australia. Welcome to my auto blog. When I purchased my car, I didn't really pay much attention to looking after it. The car was really nice, it drove well and looked good. For the first year or so, I had a great time driving around. However, I eventually began to have some problems. The engine sounded rough, the paint job looked really bad and my car just didn't seem very cool anymore. I took it to my local auto garage and they gave me some great advice about how I could care for my auto. Since then, my car and myself have both been much happier.