Ease Your Heavy Machinery Haulage Through Tilt Tray Transportation

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Heavy haulage is a common service in Australia. It's the specialized service that allows you to move excavators, trucks, graders, loaders, rollers, cranes, dump trucks and other heavy machinery from one point to another. If you're seeking the same service, ask your heavy haulage provider about tilt tray haulage services.

Tilt trays can go a long way simplifying and lessening the cost of your transportation needs. Read on to see how:

What are tilt trays?

Tilt tray are special haulage trucks whose carriages (trays) are designed to tilt backwards to create an inclined ramp. This feature allows heavy machinery to be loaded onto the truck by simply driving or towing the cargo onto the tray. That machinery is then rigged using pintle hooks and other attachments to keep the cargo in place. The tray then slides back onto its horizontal position through hydraulic action and the cargo is ready for transportation.

Advantages of tilt tray transportation

  1. No cranes needed. When using tilt trays for your transportation, cranes are not needed to load or offload your cargo. This is simply because your cargo can be loaded or unloaded without having to be hoisted onto the truck. As a result, you get to save yourself the hefty costs associated with crane hire and use during your haulage process.
  2. Quick loading and unloading processes. The other advantage of tilt trucks is that the loading and unloading process is very quick. This is made possible because there is not extensive rigging required. Heavy equipment is simply driven onto the tilted ramp when loading and driven off when unloading. This greatly saves time and as a result, reduces the number of hours you have to pay for during the haulage process.

What to consider when hiring tilt trays for your heavy haulage needs

If you do decide to use tilt tray trucks for your transportation, there are a number of things you need to consider.

Weight rating - Just like the trailers have a weight limit; tilt-trays have a load limit too. This is an important consideration to avoid breaking the tray ramp during loading or offloading. You should therefore ensure a tilt truck with the ability to handle your machinery.

Length of the tray – The length of a tilt truck's tray determines the incline provided once the ramp is dropped. The longer the tray, the less the incline and the easier it will be to load and unload your machinery. Although lighter machinery can work well with shorter and steeper ramps, seek longer trays for heavier cargo so that you work with a safer ramp gradient.

For heavier applications, you can also ask about super-tilt trays. These tilt the entire trailer and not just the top tray. As a result, super-tilt trucks can handle bigger cargo compared to ordinary tilt trays. Contact a heavy machinery transport if you'd like to learn more.


15 July 2015

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