Side Tipper Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

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If you are thinking about buying a side tipper truck, there are different factors that you must consider to ensure that the investment is worth it. These include the applications, long-term operational costs, the potential profits and the projected future of the business. The side tipper can be a valuable addition to your business operations if you are involved in transporting bulk and loose materials in the construction industry.

Most of these trucks are used in hauling sand, aggregates, gravel and dirt. The open bed of the side tipper is hinged and has hydraulic pistons; this design allows the contents to be deposited by lifting the piston. This type of truck is beneficial for purchase because it has great stability and exceptional speed during the unloading process. Here are some factors to consider before choosing the ideal side tipper from a dealership like Allroad Motor Body Builders.

Carrying Capacity

The carrying capacity of the side tipper is an important aspect because it will determine the loads that you can handle. You will need to evaluate the current demands in your company to ensure that the new truck will perform according to your expectations. The weight and the volume should be taken into account when calculating the optimal truck size.

If you will be transporting construction materials such as sand, soil and steel, you should get a tipper with the highest possible payload. If you are in the landscaping business where you mainly transport grass clippings and artificial turf, you will need a high volume capacity as opposed to high weight. It is advisable to ask for a truck with extendable sides to increase the volume since the cumulative weight will be generally low.

Side Tipping Options

There are two different side tipping options available for you to choose depending on your evaluations. The door side tipper has a hydraulic door (as implied) which opens as the truck bed tips over, allowing the contents to be deposited. The alternative is the bowl side tipper which is designed to pivot the entire truck body to release the material from container. The choice will depend on preference but you should consult your truck dealer with your requirements.


Different types of materials are used to construct the body of a side tipper truck so you should consider all available options before purchase. The common materials include high-strength and stainless steel and aluminium. If you plan to transport high-density materials like rocks, high-strength steel is the best choice. Lighter loads and moist materials can be transported in aluminium and stainless steel trucks respectively.




2 June 2015

The Importance of Auto Care

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