Why Do Modern Automobiles Die Quick?

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Gone are those days when dads drove their favorite car and then passed the vehicle to their kids to let them have their share of fun, since modern cars don't see decades of miles anymore. This reliability factor is slowly evading even with the German bigwigs. But it's not just the cars alone; the modern auto user is also to blame and following are the reasons why.

Shorter Trips

It has now become quite habitual for people to use cars for shorter 10-15-minute trips that could be easily substituted with biking, walking, or public transportation. Without considering the fact that cycling and strolling promote good health, a brief drive can be quite hard on a car since it doesn't let the engine hit its optimal temperature.

Water is the byproduct of engine combustion. When a vehicle engine doesn't reach its ideal temperature, the water within its frame is not converted into vapor and stays within the vehicle's exhaust and engine. This water causes rusting when it chemically reacts with the vehicle's metal components and oxygen. The water condensation also dilutes the oil, leading to poorer engine lubrication. 

Usage Pattern

A car's functionality and longevity primarily pivots around the abuse it takes, the level of maintenance, and manufacturing origins. A car is like a human body and it therefore needs to be handled with care. But very few believe in driving gently and babying their machine. Their improper treatment is inclusive of:

  • Abrupt and rapid acceleration
  • Using brakes hurriedly or in a snappish way.
  • Burdening the car with heavy luggage or passenger load quite too often.
  • Consistently revving up vehicle engine beyond redline (an RPM limit that vehicles shouldn't ideally cross).
  • Hurling the vehicle at top speeds for longer periods.

Things get even worse when coupled with poor maintenance. In fact, skipping regular maintenance intervals is an easy way to ensure the car hits the grave early.

Generally, very few take the effort to learn their vehicle and understand how it reacts to externalities. Warming up is an essential car engine routine as it helps car oil get warmed up and circulate fluidly. However, most users ignore this basic rule during freezing weather conditions and rev up the engine almost instantly.

If you suspect that your car could use a little tender loving care, take it to automotive mechanics to ensure that everything is running properly. If you need more tips on how to keep your car running, or how to replace it if necessary, talk to resources such as Wholesale Direct Autos.


30 December 2014

The Importance of Auto Care

Hello, my name is Elliot. I am 32 years old and I live in Perth, Australia. Welcome to my auto blog. When I purchased my car, I didn't really pay much attention to looking after it. The car was really nice, it drove well and looked good. For the first year or so, I had a great time driving around. However, I eventually began to have some problems. The engine sounded rough, the paint job looked really bad and my car just didn't seem very cool anymore. I took it to my local auto garage and they gave me some great advice about how I could care for my auto. Since then, my car and myself have both been much happier.