Why Do Modern Automobiles Die Quick?

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Gone are those days when dads drove their favorite car and then passed the vehicle to their kids to let them have their share of fun, since modern cars don't see decades of miles anymore. This reliability factor is slowly evading even with the German bigwigs. But it's not just the cars alone; the modern auto user is also to blame and following are the reasons why. Shorter Trips It has now become quite habitual for people to use cars for shorter 10-15-minute trips that could be easily substituted with biking, walking, or public transportation.

30 December 2014

Considerations When Opting For a Moving Truck Rental

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Moving house can be a stressful process. Not only do you have to get all your belongings in order, but also it is pertinent to take measures that they arrive safely and in one piece at your designated location. For most people, hiring moving services is economically out of reach. As such, they will opt to hire a moving truck rental through resources like Delta Car & Truck Rentals to take on the burden of transporting their boxed life.

19 December 2014

Main Techniques Applied In Panel Beating

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Panel beating is the technique of repairing and reinstating a truck back to its original, new state, following a mishap or as part of the repair project. Truck panel beaters have vast knowledge and experience in respect to panel beating. Panel beaters specialise in various areas of expertise.  For example, if you need repair work on your boat you may call in a boat panel beater. Some have specialty in repair of classic or vintage cars while others deal mainly with collision repairs.

16 December 2014