2 Different Ways to Patch a Hole in the Exhaust

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Although you should replace an exhaust system that has a hole in it as soon as you can, it is possible to patch the hole if you have a tight budget or it is Wintertime. It is fairly common for parts of the exhaust system to weaken, and holes to develop. Two popular ways to fix a hole in the exhaust is to use either a foil exhaust patch or muffler repair putty.

7 May 2015

3 Extra Services You Should Enjoy Next Time You Get a Crash Repair Service

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When you get into an accident, it seems as though your world has turned upside down. Your vehicle is a vital investment that you have grown to rely on almost on a daily basis. It can therefore be depressing having to wait for days or weeks for normality to return as far as your motoring needs are concerned. However, through this difficult situation, some crash repair services will make your experience a little less daunting that it normally would be.

20 April 2015

How To Know When Your Clutch Is On The Way out

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You may not be too interested in the mechanical workings of your automobile. It gets you from A to B, after all. Yet if you sense that there's something wrong with the transmission, it pays to have at least some understanding of potential causes. This could help you take action sooner, saving money and inconvenience. So, how do you know if your clutch is about to give up the ghost?

27 March 2015

Basic Trailer Ramp Alternatives for Your Specialty Car

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If your hobby calls for you to transport cars on a regular basis you may be looking for a way to make your life a lot easier when loading or unloading. Most commercial trailers will, of course, come with a stock ramp, but it is typically designed for "middle-of-the-road" applications or a standard vehicle, whatever that may be! However, if you have a specialty car—like a racing car, for example—then this may not be good enough.

13 March 2015

Why Ex-pats Should Go Back To Driving School

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These days it is easier than ever to gain an Australian driving licence if you have a driving licence from your home country. For example, in NSW, the requirement to take and pass an actual driving test was phased out in 2002, as long as you had been driving in your own country for more than 3 years and your home land was one of the (many) recognised countries. At that time, you still had to pass a multiple-choice knowledge test, but this necessity was removed in 2005.

24 February 2015

Tips For Buying A Refrigerated Transport Truck

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Investing in the refrigerated transport industry can have great financial rewards.  There are several ways through which you could get into this industry and the easiest of these is by investing in a refrigerated transport truck. Because of the various types of trucks available and the different specifications that these trucks have, it may not be very easy to choose the best one for your particular application. Here are a few things you should consider before you settle on one refrigerated truck over the other.

10 February 2015

3 Reasons to Take Your Exotic Car to a Specialist When It Needs Maintenance and Repair


Owning an exotic car means ensuring you know how to take care of it, including the right choice of a repairperson for maintenance and work that needs to be done. Rather than assuming that just any mechanic can take care of your exotic car, consider some reasons why you always want to take it to a specialist for any work that needs to be done, including routine oil changes. 1. Special parts require special tools for repair

26 January 2015