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Why A Luxury Model Is The Caravan Of Choice For Grey Nomads

For many older Australians, retirement means the opportunity to hit the road and spend their time traveling the country in their caravan. If you’re one of these aspiring grey nomads, then you will no doubt be looking at a caravan to house you as you head off on your adventures. There is an increasingly large array of makes and models of caravan available on the market these days, with everything from budget models through to luxury models. If you want to travel in comfort and style, then there are several reasons why a luxury caravan is the best choice.

Increased input on configuration

Buying a budget or mid-range caravan means that you will be stuck with the set configuration of the model that you’ve chosen. While even the most basic, budget models will be fairly well designed, you may find yourself compromising on certain aspects of the configuration that don’t meet your needs exactly.

Buying a luxury caravan gives you considerable input into the configuration. The manufacturer will modify the design to suit your requirements and ideas. You can even go one step further and have your luxury caravan custom made. This means that every aspect of the configuration is specifically designed for you and your needs.

Better quality fixtures and fittings

With fittings and fixtures, you really do get what you pay for. Budget models will have basic and inexpensive fittings and fixtures, which may be just fine for many people. However, if you want a truly comfortable and stylish interior, then a luxury model will include high quality and high specification fixtures and fittings as standard.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference, such a chrome mixer taps, modern lighting systems, and sleek appliances. Other times, it’s the bigger things, such as having a bath on board or a queen-sized bed instead of a smaller double bed.

More high-tech features

Being retired doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your love of new technology. Unlike budget and mid-range models, luxury caravans come with all the latest technological gadgets included as standard.

Some of these gadgets make driving safer and easier, such as reversing cameras and built-in satellite navigation. Some gadgets allow you to make the most of audiovisual technology, such as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, surround sound systems, and top of the range flat screen TVs.

If, like many other grey nomads, you are planning to spend many months of the year in your caravan, then you will want to make your home-from-home as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Investing in a luxury caravan is the guaranteed way to achieve this. Look for a dealership near you that specializes in caravan sales.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Car Detailing

If you’ve recently bought your first car, and you’re thinking about visiting a car detailer for the first time, you may only know that these professionals will wash your car, and that’s about it. But car detailing is a much more comprehensive process than just washing your car and making it look clean, so to help you out, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

What Do You Do To Detail The Interior? — Car detailers will vacuum the floors and seats, wipe down your dashboard with a special polish, clean the instrument panel and even shampoo the carpets. They will also use a special cleaner such as mink oil for cars that have genuine leather seats because standard cleaning solutions can damage the leather. Your detailer will also clean the inside of all the windows with a streak-free, non-ammonia cleaner and wipe down the rearview mirror, the inside door handles and the steering wheel. Deodorising your interior is typically the final step in the interior detailing.

Do You Use Steam Or Water To Clean The Exterior of The Car? — Some car detailers use soap and warm water to wash the exterior of your car, but you may want to visit a detailer who uses steam cleaning, which offers several advantages. Steam is produced by extremely hot water that is highly pressurised, and it works better on oil and grease stains and it has no chemicals or phosphates, which isn’t the case with standard soap. And because steam is so hot, it acts as a disinfectant and sanitiser, and it utilises much less water than standard washing and doesn’t leave any residue.

What is the Value of Car Waxes and Paint Sealants? — Most detailers will offer you a car wax or paint sealing as an additional cost. You don’t have to accept the offer, but if you do, the sealant or wax will provide an extra layer of protection against sunlight, UV rays, weather fluctuations, chipping, peeling, flaking and scratches. Waxing or sealing your car also brings out the lustre of your existing paint job because the exterior of your vehicle will reflect more light and make your car gleam and shine as if you just got a new paint job. Detailers use a special car buffing machine to ensure that the wax or sealant penetrates deeply into the vehicle body, and they can often remove minor scratches and scuff marks.

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Three Simple Guidelines on Changing Differential Fluid

The differential is the element in the vehicle responsible for the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels. It is also crucial in compensating the difference in the wheel movement when you are navigating turns on the road. In simple terms, when you are making a turn, the outer wheels must turn faster than the inner ones for pace uniformity. The differential allows you to maintain control while the wheels are turning at different speeds. This component has internal gears to promote the functionality and require a coat of oil for lubrication. It is important to change this differential fluid regularly to ensure that the vehicle performs well. Here are some simple guidelines to help you understand changing differential fluid.

Knowing When to Change the Oil

The interval for changing differential fluid will depend on aspects such as the vehicle model and the age of the automotive. One of the most appropriate times to perform this maintenance is during regular servicing of the rear auto axles. Generally, the fluid has to be drained for this service, so it is economical to have the two tasks carried out at the same time. On the other hand, it is recommended for you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This endorsed frequency is favourable, because it is tailored according to your exact vehicle model.

Choosing the Oil

There are diverse types of differential fluids in the auto market, so choosing the right product for the vehicle can be confusing. Poor quality oil will lead to continued friction in the internal gears, which can reduce safety when navigating sharp corners. In addition, the poor functionality will lead to eventual or sudden breakdown of the components. The differential module can be costly to repair or rebuild if the damage is severe. Ideally, the best fluid for your vehicle is the type originally utilised in the vehicle. The viscosity of the recommended fluid is selected to match the vehicle’s requirements. If you select a new type, ensure that the thickness rating of the original fluid matches the new choice.

Changing the Oil

You can engage a professional technician, like those at Gearbox Express, or change the differential oil at home if you have mechanical know-how. Locate the differential drain bolt and remove it. Allow the existing fluid to drain out completely and then replace the bolt. Locate the oil-fill bolt and remove it. Use a differential fluid pump to fill the hole until the oil starts to trickle out. Finally, reinstall the fill bolt, tighten and wipe of the oil around the differential fluid case.

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How To Service A Reconditioned Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

Many people choose to purchase a four wheel drive vehicle secondhand or reconditioned, as their budget will not stretch to a new vehicle from a dealer. If you bought such a vehicle privately, the person that sold you the vehicle may appear to be honest, but there is no real way for you to, for example, know if cheap oil has been used instead of quality oil. The best way to ensure that you get the proper performance out of the vehicle is to carry out a few checks and changes yourself. This article looks at how to service your newly bought reconditioned four wheel drive vehicle.

Start With The Oil And Air Filter

Don’t take any risks with the oil already in the vehicle. Put the money you saved by buying a reconditioned vehicle to good use and purchase a quality oil. While you are at the store, pick up a fuel filter and an air filter. Then, drain the oil and replace the air and fuel filters; these are fairly straightforward DIY jobs. Having quality oil and new filters will almost certainly improve the economy and performance of the vehicle. If you are less experienced at this kind of work, refer to the manual, as it will have detailed diagrams showing where these parts are.

Check And Change The Serpentine Belt

It should be sufficient to inspect the timing belt so that it is in a good condition; ideally, you should have checked this before purchasing the vehicle. It takes a bit of skill and experience to change this belt. However, serpentine or fan belts can be changed quite easily. Check to see if it is worn or damaged. If you notice a glazed appearance or the belt has a sheen to it, consider replacing it, as it is likely to become damaged in the near future.  

Electrical Checks

You should inspect the battery to make sure that it is topped up to the right level. If needed, you can top it up a little with distilled water. Use a wire brush to remove any corrosion you see on the terminals and shake them a little to make sure they are secure. If the four wheel drive uses petrol, you can replace the ignition leads and spark plugs easily. This can correct any issues of rough running and give some more power to the vehicle – it will also improve the fuel economy.

You should also change the gearbox fluid to ensure that the gears operate smoothly and efficiently. If you need help with any of this, contact a service like All Care Car Services.

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Important Safety Considerations for Vehicle Tyres

The tyres are essential modules in the vehicle because they provide the direct link between the heavy automotive structure and the road. In addition, the tyres are responsible for responding precisely to driving inputs like braking, acceleration and steering. Therefore, it is important to choose the right products for your car and to maintain their ideal performance. Auto tyres which are poorly kept will result in safety risks due to poor handling, delayed braking and skidding. Here are some simple considerations to help you ensure that your vehicle tyres are safe for the road.

Tyre Tread

The tyre treads are designed to provide good grip on the road and to offer the moving vehicle maximum traction. It is crucial for you to assess the depth of the treads periodically to avoid compromising your safety. Moreover, the grooves in the tyres are responsible for allowing water to flow beneath the vehicle efficiently.

If they are worn, the tyre surface will become extremely slippery against the road especially in wet weather. The minimum tread depth should be 1.5mm. It is also advisable to purchase auto tyres with a wear indicator for easy examination of the condition.

Tyre Pressure

Poor maintenance of tyre pressure can lead to different detriments. Overinflated or underinflated tyres are unstable so they will affect the vehicles handling and consequently, your safety. The internal structure of the tyre could also sustain irreversible damage or general premature wear. The frequency of this inspection will depend on factors such as the state of local roads, frequency of driving and the quality of tyres. However, you should never exceed a month without a good check-up.

If you do not know the recommended pressure, check in your vehicle owner’s manual. Additionally, test the pressure on your current tyres and the spare before long journeys. The precaution will protect you from getting stranded due unexpected decrease in pressure. This can occur due to minute perforations, sudden temperature changes and even general escape of air from the tyre.

Wheel Alignment

The wheel alignment will affect the handling of the vehicle and the stability of the tyres. This can lead to a serious road accident if not resolved in time. The alignment of the automotive wheels is not an aspect you can visually assess and diagnose so you will need a specialist technician. If your tyres are unevenly worn or you have recently hit a pothole or kerb hard, engage an auto mechanic like O’Neills Tyres for realignment.

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