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Signs That Your Exhaust System Is Failing

Maintaining your car is something that you have to take seriously to ensure that it is functioning properly. Preventative maintenance is ideal because it allows you to avoid having to make major repairs. When you catch problems right away, you have the ability to lessen the extent of damage. The exhaust system within your car is designed to take the gases that are produced during the combustion process away from the engine and move them out the rear of the car. The gases are moved through the vehicle through the exhaust pipes, and there are a number of different components within the exhaust system of your car. It is essential that you are aware of any signs that indicate a problem with this system to ensure that you can have repairs completed quickly.


One of the most common indicators that you have a problem with your exhaust system is increased noise. You will most likely begin hearing a loud rumbling noise that persists when you vehicle is moving. When you notice this loud noise when you are driving, it is a sign that there are most likely holes that are being created in the muffler of your car. The holes are typically caused by rust. More holes that are present will result in more rumbling noise.


Noise is not the only thing that you will notice when the exhaust system starts to fail. You will also begin to feel a difference when you drive your vehicle. It is common for the car to start vibrating harshly. When you notice that the car is vibrating, this is normally an indication that the exhaust pipes are leaking. This means that the gases being moved through the pipes are leaking out before they exit the rear of the vehicle. Not only may the exhaust pipes be leaking, but also it is also possible for the brackets that are designed to keep the pipes secure to be loosened. Be sure to pay attention to when the vibration is most noticeable. The above symptoms are noticeable when the car is being driven, but if you notice vibration when the car is idling, you most likely have a problem with the catalytic converter.


It is also a good idea to pay attention to smells. If you start to notice that a bad smell is coming from your car, it could be a sign that the catalytic converter is not working properly. The smell that you will notice is described by many as similar to the smell of rotten eggs.

For more information about your car exhaust, contact a local auto shop. 

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Saving money when hiring a family car on holidays

Having a car when you are on holidays can be a great way to get around and see the sites, and much easier than wrestling children’s car seats in and out of taxis. Here are some ways to save some money on your car hire on holidays.

Be honest about how big a car you need

Even if you drive a large car or people mover at home, you won’t be needing to give rides to extra kids from the soccer team while you are holidays, so you won’t need any more seats than required for number of people in your family. You may need more boot space than normal though to fit in all of the luggage. If you can size down a little on the car you hire, you can save both on the daily rate (as smaller cars are cheaper to hire) and the amount of petrol you use on your trip.

Check the fine print on insurance

Before you pay extra to eliminate the large excess on the hire car insurance, check the fine print of your credit card and travel insurance policies to see if you really require the extra ‘excess waiver’ payment. Many credit cards and travel insurance policies also cover the first section of the car insurance excess if you do have a crash. Not paying that extra amount each day can lead to big savings.

Look for discount codes

You can often find discounts for the large car hire chains from all sorts of organisations you might be a member of including roadside service, alumni organisations and sporting clubs. Your employer may also have a discount code that employees can use for leisure car hire, outside of the rates on offer for business hire. Try checking the hire companies’ social media streams as well, as they often post discount codes in these channels as well.

BYO extras

If you are travelling domestically, you might find that you are able to save big bucks by bringing along some of the extras you might usually pay for such as GPS units, and bringing your own car seats from home.  Many people are now switching over to smartphone based GPS apps, which automatically update with new streets and housing developments. 

With some planning ahead you can save big bucks on car hire, which you can use to have extra fun on your holidays. Good luck and happy travels.

For more information about car hire, contact a company like 1300meteor rentals.

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