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3 Reasons to Take Your Exotic Car to a Specialist When It Needs Maintenance and Repair

Owning an exotic car means ensuring you know how to take care of it, including the right choice of a repairperson for maintenance and work that needs to be done. Rather than assuming that just any mechanic can take care of your exotic car, consider some reasons why you always want to take it to a specialist for any work that needs to be done, including routine oil changes.

1. Special parts require special tools for repair

Very often exotic cars cannot be worked on by general mechanics because they simply don’t have the right tools. Cars that are produced in limited numbers will usually have specialized parts made for them and they require tools that fit their connectors. This also includes diagnostic equipment, which often doesn’t fit or work exotic cars. A specialist will have the right tools and equipment for diagnosing problems and making repairs on your car properly.

2. Exotic cars may need more than just routine maintenance

Your exotic car may need more than just routine maintenance when you take it in for an oil change or tune-up. If you have a sports car you may put excessive demands on the engine by racing it or running it at higher speeds than other cars. In turn, you may need the recommendations of a specialist when it comes to the best type of oil to use for your car, for how often it needs a tune-up, and for changing the filters more often than the manufacturer recommends, along with other simple tips like these. A mechanic who specializes in exotic cars will understand its particular needs and listening to their recommendations can keep your car in good repair.

3. Specialists will use only genuine parts

As with all car makes and models, it’s good to use genuine parts because these are designed to fit perfectly with the other parts of the car. However, exotic car parts are often only sold to dealers and certified mechanics that have specialized training in working on particular brands. If you were to take your exotic car to another mechanic, he or she might try to fit generic parts onto your car during repairs and maintenance and in turn, you may notice rattling or have parts come loose sooner than they should.

To keep your exotic car in good repair, only take it to an authorized mechanic such as SVS Autocare who specializes in that particular brand.

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Car Maintenance: Why Should You Go For Secondhand Spare Parts?

Auto wreckers are major suppliers of secondhand car spare parts. While your first instinct may be to disregard used parts when seeking to repair your vehicle, a careful consideration of the benefits of using them may convince you otherwise. Here are a number of ways in which used parts are beneficial:

Fair pricing

The main advantage in buying used car parts is that they are extremely cheap in comparison with new parts. In some instances, the price of a used part may be as low as half of the price of a new part. Where the used part is in a good working condition such that it may serve you as efficiently as a new one, it is only logical to go for the cheaper but secondhand part. However, you must analyze used parts carefully to establish whether they will offer you satisfactory service upon acquisition.

Parts for outdated models

With time, car manufacturers abandon manufacturing parts for old car models. It only takes a few years until new parts for those models disappear from the market. In such instances, the only source of repair parts is salvaged parts from damaged vehicles of the same model. If you happen to own a classic masterpiece that you do not want to let go, but for which new parts are no longer available, then you have no choice but to settle for used parts.

Better than sub-standard equipment

Despite being old and a little worn, secondhand spare parts usually meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. This is contrary to majority of spare parts that are passed as new yet do not meet the OEM specifications and quality requirements. In fact, professional mechanics recommend using a secondhand part rather than a new but substandard equivalent on your vehicle.

Wide variety to choose from

Auto wreckers usually have a huge collection of parts from which to choose. These parts are often sorted by age, level of deterioration, estimated useful life and price. As such, you will have the option to make an informed decision considering your requirements and budget constraint. This is unlike new parts where the seller has only one commodity on offer at a price that is hardly negotiable.

Environmental concerns

The majority of vehicle parts are designed to be long-lasting and non-biodegradable. This means they either take many years to decompose or use numerous resources in the recycling process. Although a vehicle may be pushed out of the road due to damage of one or more key parts, the rest of the parts remain useful. When you purchase a secondhand part, you play an active role in environmental conservation and sparing national resources. Therefore, take pride in being a responsible citizen!

For more information, contact a company like Wanneroo 4X4 Wreckers & Conversions.

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3 Significant Reasons for Seeking Windscreen Repair Services

The windscreen is perhaps the most essential auto glass component of your vehicle. The fact that it is positioned right in front of the driver’s seat implies that you’ll have to use it whenever you’re on the road. However, like any other auto part, it too might develop problems and require repair services at some point.

The following points explain why you need to repair the small chips or cracks on your vehicle’s windscreen at once.

Ensure Your Vehicle’s Safety

Your vision should never be obstructed while driving. However, even the slightest chip or crack can hinder your view, making you to easily ram into another vehicle and cause serious injury or loss of lives. By making the repairs promptly, a professional will ensure that all the obstructions caused by the chips and cracks are removed from your windscreen.

In addition, a well-repaired windscreen acts as an effective shield against dust, frost, debris, and other foreign elements that might fly into your moving vehicle. A crack in your windscreen could lead to further breakage if another object collides with it.

Restore Your Vehicle’s Structural Integrity

The presence of small chips and cracks on your windscreen weakens the structural strength of your vehicle especially when you’re driving on a rough and bumpy terrain. Apart from the risk of the windscreen falling off, these chips and cracks can culminate in damage to other parts of your vehicle.

For instance, its roof might collapse easily in the case of a crash if the windscreen isn’t fixed properly. As a result, a well-repaired windscreen can cushion against further damage to the entire vehicle.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value in a Cost-Effective Way

Many vehicle owners often fail to realise that even the slightest windscreen repairs can go a long way in protecting their investment. This is because they think that it is cost effective to seek repair services only when the cracks and chips on their windscreens are more visible.

However, you can obtain high quality repair service on your vehicle’s windscreen at affordable rates if you approach professional technicians. If the crack or chip in your windscreen is fixed immediately, it will help you avoid the high cost of purchasing a new windscreen for replacement. Therefore, whichever way you look at it, repair is a less expensive alternative than replacement.

The presence of small chips or cracks on your windscreen is an indication of an awaiting peril and you need to look for a professional to repair them immediately. If possible, the professional will always repair your windscreen. However, you should be ready to replace it if it is deemed necessary. Windscreen replacement will cost more than repair, but if a professional like Instant Windscreens recommends that you should do that, heed their advice.

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Is Replacing Your Cars Transmission Worth the Hassle?

Your cars transmission is an extremely complex piece of machinery. It contains electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components. Automatic transmission repairs can be costly and if not done properly, can cause ongoing problems that will quickly drain your wallet and your patience. Before you decide to replace, repair, or ditch your transmission all together its important to understand its function.

How does an automatic transmission work?

An automatic transmission works by shifting bands and clutches within your engine, allowing your vehicle to accelerate. The automatic transmission uses gears to make the most of your engine’s torque and allows your vehicle to operate efficiently at various speeds.

What do you do if your transmission fails?

There are a number of things to consider if your transmission fails including the age and function of the vehicle and the condition of the engine itself. You can replace a transmission without having to replace the entire engine. They are two separate things. If your vehicle is older, has high mileage, or is in poor condition you may not be willing to invest the several thousand dollars it will take to replace the transmission. On the other hand, if your vehicle is less than 10 years old and in good shape you will want to consider replacing the transmission.

Who can perform automatic transmission repairs?

Unless you are a certified mechanic, transmission repair is not a do-it-yourself job. Because of the transmission’s complexity you will need to hire a skilled repairman to do the work. Nearly all automotive repair shops can perform automatic transmission repairs. However, not all auto body shops are created equal. If you take your car to the shop and they tell you that your car needs to be taken apart, if there is an absurdly long list of things that need to be fixed, or if they try to sell you something you know you don’t need, be wary about using that company! You can always call your insurance company and have them give you a list of reputable automotive repair shops in your area.

Replacing or repairing an automatic transmission is no small feat. A skilled professional such as Western Suburbs Automatics will need to perform the repair but maintaining your transmission by performing regular maintenance, allowing your engine to heat up on cold mornings and not “riding the break” can keep your transmission in tip-top shape and help you avoid costly repairs.

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