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Why Do Modern Automobiles Die Quick?

Gone are those days when dads drove their favorite car and then passed the vehicle to their kids to let them have their share of fun, since modern cars don’t see decades of miles anymore. This reliability factor is slowly evading even with the German bigwigs. But it’s not just the cars alone; the modern auto user is also to blame and following are the reasons why.

Shorter Trips

It has now become quite habitual for people to use cars for shorter 10-15-minute trips that could be easily substituted with biking, walking, or public transportation. Without considering the fact that cycling and strolling promote good health, a brief drive can be quite hard on a car since it doesn’t let the engine hit its optimal temperature.

Water is the byproduct of engine combustion. When a vehicle engine doesn’t reach its ideal temperature, the water within its frame is not converted into vapor and stays within the vehicle’s exhaust and engine. This water causes rusting when it chemically reacts with the vehicle’s metal components and oxygen. The water condensation also dilutes the oil, leading to poorer engine lubrication. 

Usage Pattern

A car’s functionality and longevity primarily pivots around the abuse it takes, the level of maintenance, and manufacturing origins. A car is like a human body and it therefore needs to be handled with care. But very few believe in driving gently and babying their machine. Their improper treatment is inclusive of:

  • Abrupt and rapid acceleration
  • Using brakes hurriedly or in a snappish way.
  • Burdening the car with heavy luggage or passenger load quite too often.
  • Consistently revving up vehicle engine beyond redline (an RPM limit that vehicles shouldn’t ideally cross).
  • Hurling the vehicle at top speeds for longer periods.

Things get even worse when coupled with poor maintenance. In fact, skipping regular maintenance intervals is an easy way to ensure the car hits the grave early.

Generally, very few take the effort to learn their vehicle and understand how it reacts to externalities. Warming up is an essential car engine routine as it helps car oil get warmed up and circulate fluidly. However, most users ignore this basic rule during freezing weather conditions and rev up the engine almost instantly.

If you suspect that your car could use a little tender loving care, take it to automotive mechanics to ensure that everything is running properly. If you need more tips on how to keep your car running, or how to replace it if necessary, talk to resources such as Wholesale Direct Autos.

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Considerations When Opting For a Moving Truck Rental

Moving house can be a stressful process. Not only do you have to get all your belongings in order, but also it is pertinent to take measures that they arrive safely and in one piece at your designated location. For most people, hiring moving services is economically out of reach. As such, they will opt to hire a moving truck rental through resources like Delta Car & Truck Rentals to take on the burden of transporting their boxed life. If you are considering this method of relocating, then there are a few considerations you should bear in mind.

Conduct an inspection

With the internet, most people will not take the time to carry out an inspection before hiring a moving truck rental. Instead, they will simply go online and guesstimate what would work for them. This however is not a foolproof way of hiring a truck rental.

It is mandatory to carry out an on-site inspection so that you can get a feel of what you are hiring. One thing to keep in mind is that there will be numerous types of trucks to choose from. Additionally, an inspection allows you to see firsthand the condition of the truck. Signs of denting, rust, scratches and more will not be conspicuous when looking through rental options online.

However, if you see the vehicle firsthand, you can take note of these things and any other damages to ensure you are not falsely billed for them once you return the truck rental. Other things to look out for when conducting an inspection would be whether the latches and locks are working, if the truck is clean enough for use and more.

Have your documentation in order

When opting for a moving truck rental, you assume responsibility of the vehicle while it is under your care. Some of the important documentation you would need include identification, licensing to drive the truck and insurance in case of any unfortunate accidents.

When it comes to insurance, it is pertinent to enquire about what type the company offers. This is because different moving truck companies will have different policies in place. Your choice on a moving truck rental should depend on which company offers you the best coverage. The insurance can cover more than the rental itself.

Opt for a company that will have insurance that covers your liability as well as cover for the belongings being transported within it. Take note that your personal insurer may not offer a cover for the rental. Thus, if you cannot find a rental company proffering comprehensive insurance, it would be advisable to purchase a policy for this specific reason.

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Main Techniques Applied In Panel Beating

Panel beating is the technique of repairing and reinstating a truck back to its original, new state, following a mishap or as part of the repair project. Truck panel beaters have vast knowledge and experience in respect to panel beating. Panel beaters specialise in various areas of expertise.  For example, if you need repair work on your boat you may call in a boat panel beater. Some have specialty in repair of classic or vintage cars while others deal mainly with collision repairs.  A number of techniques are often used by truck panel beaters when eliminating dents and restoring a damaged truck into a new truck. Here are some of the main techniques applied in panel beating.


Panel beaters are able to pound out metal dents by placing a dolly on the inside of the dented bodywork and hammering the other side using a pounding hammer. When the metal is pounded, part of it bulges in while the surrounding metal budges out. Panel beaters work around the dent, pounding the rebound section of the dents. With time, the rebound dent goes down, and the deep dent disappears.

When the body work of a car is smashed, the damaged area often gets stretched out due to the crash impact. Apart from the use of a shrinking hammer, panel beaters may also use an alternative shrinking technique. This approach seeks to heat the stretched area until it’s red hot and then applies water onto the area to quench the metal. As a result, the metal shrinks quickly and solidifies, and the metal section becomes strengthened.


This is a hand-driven technique that involves applying surface finish to the bodywork by finely contouring and smoothing it. A unique hammer known as a planishing panel hammer is used to straighten the damaged panel, re-establishing the original outline. The panel is pushed against a contouring tool, referred to as a planishing stake. Basically, the shape of the planishing stake matches up to the desired work piece shape of the panels and thus helps to re-establish the original outline.


Truck panel beaters carry out welding by melting metal pieces and incorporating a filler material to create a weld pool that cools to form a strong joint between two corresponding metal surfaces. Various energy sources are used to generate the weld, such as gas flames, lasers, electric arcs, electronic beams and ultrasound.

Spray painting

Lastly, the restored panel is spray painted using a strong paint, which is resistant to chipping. Before painting, the panel is sanded and primed to ensure the paint sticks well and to ensure the achievement of a smooth surface finish. The type of spray paint chosen should match up the original paint colour of your vehicle so that the panel repairs may remain undetected.

For more information, contact a business such as B.T Ryan Smash Repairs.

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